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Besides of maximum functionality, fly vice offers beautiful, aesthetic appearance. It has the same functionality as GLORY. All Brass parts are gold platet. The upper part of pedestal base is made of inox, 6mm thick and is designed for laser engraving of dedications and emblems.(PICTURE) A wonderful gift for a friend, thanks for the many years work, etc. Engraving is already included in the price.

Functionality of the vise
Hook can be clamped by the lock nut. It is simple, precise and steady. You can position the fly in the centre of rotation by turning the button on the back side of the vise. Rotary head allows rotation of a fly around longitudinal axis for 360°. Joint on the vertical bracket enables easy and fast angle changing of the vise's head (from -45° to +90°). The fly can always be rotated for 360° - in all positions of the vise's head. The jaw can be rotated while the angle of the clamped hook also varies according to the vertical. Jaws can be changed easely and fastly (in 10 seconds). Extra jaws can be ordered for very big hooks. The jaw is made of high quality steel that provides hardiness and solidness - many flies can be tied at firmly locked hook.
Price: 370 € Art.: 01

Muharski primež Sava Glory Gold

Functionality of the vice is the same as at the above model. Brass parts are protected against oxidation with a high quality transparent varnish. Pedestal base is made of metal and it is powdery varnished.
Price: 300 € Art.: 02

Muharski primež Sava Glory

It is constructed in the way the tyer is able to position the hook (fly) easily and fastly. The quality and the way to clamp a hook is the same as at the above two models. Positioning of the fly in the centre of rotation can be achived by simple and quick moving of the joint that works on the principle of friction. The angle of the clamped hook (fly) can be changed from horizontal position (0°) to vertikal (90°). In these positions the fly can be rotated for 360°. Video
Price: 145 € Art.: 03

Muharski primež Sava RX